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What Does The "P" Mean?

On all of our packages, we have the letter P on it.  Many people have asked, “What’s the P Mean?”, and this question is so important because the ‘P’ stands for one of our main missions here at Gopal's.  The ‘P’ stands for Prasadam, and means blessed food.  We believe that food shouldn’t just nourish your body, but your mind and spirit as well.  We fully believe that food has the ability to raise our vibration if it’s made with positive intentions.  Since we stand committed to this notion our food goes through its own sacred process.  Science has proven that energy is all around us, and our thoughts can manipulate the energy.  Each worker who has a part in the creation of our food has the important task of sending this food positive energy and vibrations.  From the second the seed is planted all the way until it is packaged this food is given positive intention and love through the whole process!  Therefore, our food is not only healthy and nourishing for your body, but nourishes your mind and spirit as well!

We want to be able to share this mentality of cooking with intention to everyone, and it is one of the reasons we partnered us with feedOM™ (check our We Give Back page to learn about them) who works with Food for Life Global.  Food for Life Global has the amazing mission of delivering fresh vegan meals to those in need.  Food for Life Global is a big advocate for intentional blessed food and calls it, Food Yoga.  This practice of Food Yoga focuses on allowing food to be the medium of expressing love and devotion by using intention while preparing a meal.  A Food Yogi, as described by FFL, is, “a responsible human that serves, eats, and behaves in ways that respect all of the creation and help maintain the delicate balance of nature”.  This person realizes that everything is connected, and therefore desires to live a “socially responsible and environmentally respectful lifestyle” (FFL), and promotes the belief of having a harmonious coexistence.  This is closely connected to the practice of Ahimsa which is one of the main values we create our food with here at Gopals.  The English translation of Ahimsa is non-violence, but there is a much deeper meaning than that.  Ahimsa is an ancient practice where not only do you avoid violence toward others, you show respect to ALL living beings.  We invite you to learn more about how you can be a Food Yogi yourself by visiting ::


Thank you for joining us on this journey and wanting to learn more about where your food comes from!  Health is WEALTH!