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We Give Back

Here at Gopals we believe that food goes beyond just nourishing your body.  We advocate strongly for living a harmonious existence with all beings which means nourishing our minds and spirits as well.  We adhere to strict eco-friendly and vegan standards, as well as promoting conscious consumerism.  Since our aim is to effectively reach out to every community to nurture and empower all varieties of people towards this idea of a harmonious coexistence, one of the ways we do this is by giving back to those in need!

We are very proud to be apart of feedOM's kindness ecosystem which helps "conscious companies make a positive social impact that is not only measurable, but certified!" (OM Guarantee™)  This organization allows us to choose between three options to give back, and we have chosen to support feeding children in need.  The desire is to help end world hunger and our donations through feedOM support the mission of their partner, Food for Life Global, who is delivering fresh vegan meals to children and adults in need.  There is truly nothing that makes us feel more aligned at the end of the day then knowing not only are we delivering delicious high vibration food to our customers, but also to those around the world in need.  At this point in time we have had the privilege of feeding 5,000 needy children!

The OM Guarantee™ certification mark used by us certifies that we are authorized by the feedOM™ and guarantees that the social impact claims by Gopals is legitimate.  It also guarantees that the services we provide have been "produced, traded, and marketed in accordance with the feedOM's standards of social responsibility, environmentally conscious, animal friendly, and vegan standards".

Along with giving back to help feed those in need, we also are proud to give a portion of our proceeds to Cow Protection!  Since part of our mission is to promote the ideology of a harmonious coexistence we do this through spreading the knowledge of Ahimsa.  The English translation of Ahimsa is non-violence, but there is a much deeper meaning than that.  Ahimsa is an ancient practice where not only do you avoid violence towards others, you show respect for ALL living beings.  Gopals promotes this through the creation of non-gmo, organic, raw, vegan and gluten foods, as well as by giving back to feed needy children and help with cow protection.  As many know, most cows now a days are raised with the intention to be slaughtered for meat, and this strongly goes against our belief in the practice of Ahimsa.  We are therefore glad to be able to help support those cows now living on sanctuaries by advocating for the vegan lifestyle, and by sharing a portion of our proceeds for their continued protection.