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Welcome to Gopals Healthfoods!

Gopal’s Healthfoods strives to awaken friends all over the world to the choice of healing the planet. We promote non-interference with the natural progress of life for all living beings, including animals, which is our core intention in making ethical products. We highly value pure, plant-based ultra-foods which are organic, enzyme-rich, and wholesome. We believe that food is powerful, and can positively raise our vibration when prepared with intention. Therefore, we prepare all our food with the mentality that everything is connected, and food must not just nourish our bodies, but our mind and spirit as well! Due to this, each item we make is prepared from start to finish with loving intention so you're not just consuming another sunflower seed, but rather a hand sprouted seed that was grown and infused with the highest vibrations of purity and love.


We are dedicated to promoting a sustainable, trustworthy, and responsible lifestyle. We envision strength, vitality, and a thriving planet with non-contaminated soil, air, and water to be the vision of our future. This practice of intentional food combines all of this together, and our aim is to effectively reach out to every community, nurturing and empowering all varieties of people towards this idea of a harmonious coexistence.